Rebel on the Run.

Rebel on the Run, Author Jayne Rylon

Hot Rods Book 4

Jayne has the power to spin a story that is not only smoking hot but emotional. The Hot Rod’s crew have definitely been dealt some hard knocks in life and I always enjoy going with them on their journey’s to over come them. Each book while a short snippet of life in their world makes me anxious for the next journey they will take me on. It is definitely never a dull moment at the Hot Rod’s garage.

In this journey Bryce is reunited with his childhood friend who he left home to protect when both of their fathers plotted to keep the two of them apart. Kaelyn was devastated when Bryce left home at seventeen to party in Europe as his father told her. Bryce finds her when she gets a flat tire on her Maserati which ironically is his car that he left behind. Her love for him led her to keep the key to his car around her neck and she drives back into his life in that very car. But can her convince her to forgive him for leaving her to be used as a pawn by her own father?

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